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Ibiza & Formentera by boat


Congratulations ! You have booked your boat and will live a wonderful experience. We will do everything to you spend an unforgettable moment. In the meantime, we invite you to read these few lines to better prepare your adventure and draw your attention in particular to the charter of good bahaviour to follow.

Raid preparation & good behaviour charter

And if we ordered the packed lunch of the Chef of La Plaza de Dalt Vila ?

What if our sailor made us a movie with his drone ?

Do not forget your navigation license and your ID !

We will give you a copy of your contract, a copy of the boat's papers and an Ipad with the pre-programmed raids.

We will ask you to pay the balance of your bill in cash

There is no silly question and we will answer all your requests !

Take sunglasses, sunscreen, hats / caps and appropriate clothing :

The effects of the sun are much stronger at sea, even under the clouds

+ wind, it's not less sun: protect yourself !

Swimsuit (or so a lot of sunscreen 😊) and bath towels.

Meal and lunchs... or the delicious lunch box of La Plaza de Dalt Vila Chef.

Prevention of seasickness (medication, patch or bracelet).

Continuous monitoring of children

Navigation time : 4-5h max/day

In case of jellyfish burn, put shaving cream and then scrape firmly with credit card

In case of sea urchin bites, use a disinfected needle and strong Scotch to remove debris

Fishing and spearfishing are prohibited

Captain's Charter of Good bahaviour :

You will remain humble in front of the sea

You will study the map... The iPad is there to help you but it's you who holds the bar !

You will note the weather

You will check the boat and the equipment with Christophe

You will ``briefer`` your crew to respect your decisions because you are the only Master on board

You will ensure the safety of your crew and you will respect the authorized

You will respect the boat ... but you will also respect the others !

You are civilly and criminally responsible for your crew, your boat and the choice of safety equipment

You shall help anyone in danger at sea, provided that you do not put your team members at great risk.

You'll always do the maneuvers at a slow pace

You will identify shoals and water depths

You will pick up and sort your waste

You will anchor on sand with enough chain (5 times the depth), facing the wind or you will use the mooring... you will never anchor over the posidonia (seabed herbs protected in Ibiza).

You'll never let someone bathe with the engines running

You will not throw anything into the sea ! Debris and plastic bags pollute the flora and smother birds, fish, turtles...

What to do if someone is seasick ?

Fix the horizon

Drinking water and eating fruits, cookies....

Lie down with raised legs

Go back quickly or leave the person on earth

Before returning your boat

Fill up the tank with unleaded 95

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