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Christophe LAMARQUE is a 49 years old Frenchman, passionate about the sea. He has participated in about twenty sailings between France and the Balearic Islands on a sailboat and in the Rubson Raid Turquoise in Thailand in 2006. For more than 40 years, with his parents first and then now with his children, Christophe navigates the waters of Ibiza and shows his friends all these coves and all these unique scenery, around wonderful picnics and always with maximum conviviality ! These magical moments, he wants from now on to share them with you and have created with Pablo, his son RAIDIBIZA.COM to show another face of this island on which you will have only one desire, once you leave it… get back !

Christophe +33 6 09 79 65 29
Pablo +34 644 714 416

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